Is your SAP keeping pace with the changing global business scenarios? Your organization may be missing the new functionalities in SAP? If these questions worrying you then you definitely need Crafsol SAP Upgrade service. We execute the enterprise application upgrade, assisting with transforming the organizational structure and aligning the applications to support your business strategy and goals with little or no downtime. Crafsol  Provides best in class Upgrade/Migration services to help organization’s to keep pace with the constantly changing environment.

SAP IT Staffing Consultancy

Our Expertise

  • Standardized Project Approach
  • Technical Upgrade
  • Specific areas for improving business processes
  • Functional Upgrade
  • Cleaning of obsolete objects
  • Effective risk management
  • Detailed regression testing
  • Efficient continuity plan to minimize system downtime


  • Consistent support costs versus non-standardized support costs
  • Enabled continuous improvements through added functionality
  • Established common systems and versions across enterprise
  • Minimized disruption to ongoing operations
  • roven track record of Upgrade experience across multiple packages
  • Aligned IT and business processing costs


  • Upgraded packaged application
  • Latest application capabilities
  • Refreshed technology platform
  • Applications enabled for integration with other systems
  • Reduced/eliminated customizations
  • Optimized business processes


Based on the scale defined by SAP with their history database, coupled with Crafsol’s deep understanding of the complexity of our clients’ environments, Crafsol categorizes upgrades into three categories:

Crafsol Strategic upgrade project

  • Introducing new industry solutions based on the SAP business process platform
  • Implement new / optimized business processes based on SAP ERP 6.0; Build new solutions based on SAP ERP 6.0, NetWeaver and Enterprise SOA


Functional upgrade project

  • Replace custom modifications in ECC and use of SAP ERP standard functionality
  • Implement new standard functionality as part of the upgrade
  • Reduce complexity of overall SAP system landscape

Crafsol Technical upgrade project

  • No changes in used functionality and system modifications
  • There is no need of clean up modification (light touch)
  • Focus on technology upgrade

Crafsol low risk & cost-effective way to upgrade

  • Global approach driving repeatability, time and cost
  • Robust, standardized set of methodologies, processes, guidelines and templates
  • Scalable global pool of specialized skills and resources
  • Delivery model includes optimized mix of onshore, nearshore & offshore resources

To Know How?

Crafsol ensures successful and smooth upgrade of your SAP environment as necessitated by your business requirements