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CrafSOL Offers the Reliable SAP Staffing Services

When you have the right team of members they can make a difference in the success and failure of the ERP. With the help of our amazing staffing methodology and procedure, you can always expect the best in house staff members who are always ready to cater your demands and needs in the most convincing manner.
With the advancement of time, it has been found that more numbers of organizations and companies are taking up the responsibility of owning SAP systems and handling and managing their own projects. Unlike the traditional or the conventional agencies the newer version organizations demand for more numbers of staff members specialized in SAP consulting for completing such projects. Crafsol is indeed one of them that is operating in the market successfully and catering to the needs and demands of the people in the most convincing manner.

Our professional team members are beyond any comparison

We could easily create a niche in the market in the field of SAP consultancy more because of the high quality of the professional experts that we have to cater to the needs and requirements of the customers and clients. Our team consists of highly professional and experienced SAP specialists who can handle and deal with the SAP projects in a seamless and smooth manner. They ensure the successful delivery of the tasks throughout the life cycle of any particular project work.

They can add value of the world class standard by applying the following attributes

  • End to End Implementation of the SAP Enterprise Mobility & MDM(AFARIA)
  • project management
  • quality assurance
  • resources
  • tools
  • templates
SAP IT Staffing Consultancy

Our SAP Project Management is Noteworthy as Well

Whenever there is the need for SAP staffing pops up it becomes even more important or essential to look into the project management part of the company or organization. Crafsol provides two levels of project management and you have to choose the better option that suits you perfectly.

The two levels are

Shadow management

You are handling and managing your own projects but we make sure to stand by you like a shadow and ensure that the project that you are working on will delivered in time and is also within the budget.

Turn Key project management

We will completely deal and handle with your projects. Our team members are all well qualified and have years of experience in the field to ensure the best for your business venture.

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