Product Engineering Services

In today’s digital age, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are facing an increased competition to secure new customers, and also to sustain the existing customer base. With new technologies making deeper penetration into an organization, ISVs are expected to produce innovative features into their software product thereby adding value to their customers’ business processes.

ISVs also need to safeguard against the possibility of their software product going obsolete faster. The competitive forces that ISVs face are equipped with adoption of new and contemporary technologies reflected in the software products. Global enterprises expect ISVs to brace up and present features that add an incremental value to their businesses. Hence, it is of utmost importance for ISVs to remain agile and be responsive to market demand. The velocity of their being responsive (also known as Time to Market) to the market is also critical, for the game swings in the favor of those who are faster than others.

Crafsol’s Software Product Engineering Services are designed to help ISVs succeed in their market place. With the entire gamut of services across the Software Product Life Cycle, Crafsol partners with ISVs to enable them to remain cost competitive and yet equally fast to the market. The flexibility and agility with which Crafsol delivers Software Product Development, Software Testing, Software Product Maintenance and Software Product Re-engineering Services, enables ISVs to consolidate their state of business and respond efficiently to their market demands.


Crafsol enables ISVs to remain lean and competitive on their software R&D budgets by presenting them an entire bouquet of software product engineering services, under different business models, such as dedicated resources in Offshore Product Development Center and smaller time bound fixed cost development projects.

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