Leonardo IoT Bridge

Do your potential solutions talk to you?!!!!  With SAP Leonardo, this could be just a new reality. We are not asserting a tall claim, but we are urging you to take a closer look.


Internet of things (IoT) is transforming the way of Business and life too. The huge amount of data generated coming from the various sensors attached to machines in the fields and business systems is the reason of deep concern and solace. Concern because it’s a task to analyze the data and infer relevant information about the businesses. Solace because it’s an important step towards business success.  Are you thinking about the same; big data, it’s analysis and it’s use for business growth?


It may be the answer. Leonardo IoT Bridge is a cloud based platform aimed to facilitate the link between the torrent of data coming from sensors in the field and business systems functioning inside a firm. Machines operative in various Companies and Fields in the Manufacturing, Automobile, Life sciences, Retail, Infrastructure and Smart City Projects to name a few generate humongous amounts of data about their health and the environment around them via the internet. Leonardo can help ingest, process and make sense of the hordes of IoT data, which can be useful for enhancing and improvising business processes.

Smart linked products and plants can transform the business and augment their performance. With ease of operation, reduced production time, faster reach to customers, optimized efficiency, reduced wastage one can add enormous value to the business processes.

Leonardo Iot Bridge is the solution and one of the key success factors. It has shown proven applicability in Retail Businesses, Utility, Life Science, Manufacturing Firms and  Smart City Projects, Customers handling IOT and also Analytics.

Benefits of the using the Platform


  • Cloud based
  • Real time and live insights helpful in coordination, monitoring, location, environment and usage information; especially useful in delivery vehicles
  • Predictive Analytics to determine machine health and demand and supply forecast, etc.
  • Process optimization by lowering maintenance cost, higher efficiency, reduced wastage, faster response, increase asset, utilization and shorter cycles
  • Identify unexpected and unplanned events and support in decision making
  • Services include machine learning, analytics, big data and even blockchain
  • Significantly improves business processes


At Crafsol

We, at Crafsol are SAP partners for implementation of the ERP solution and other products. Please take your time to talk to us. We will study you in-bound and out-bound and manufacturing processes map all the process controls and process control equipment’s network them and animate the hidden solutions for you. With the Leonardo, you will certainly find you solutions talking to you.

Connect your business with people, things, environment and partners and save time, money and business!