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Disaster Recovery Services

Almost a quarter of companies are likely to declare a disaster in a five-year period.

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The next step for the disaster recovery

Technology provides sustaining options for DR preparedness,however, technology cannot function alone. You need to design a strong strategy that is well documented and actionable. The key to success factor of operating through a disaster is continuous planning, testing, and maintenance of your DR strategy.No one can predict what disaster may occur and impact your business,but we can help you develop a plan for when disaster strikes.

Take the Next Step with Crafsol

Our Services help you take the next steps in achieving a robust Disaster Recovery protection program. Our highly skilled consultants work collaboratively with you to determine potential solution or technology areas that can yield measureable results with predictable outcomes, pricing, and timelines. We can help you make more up to date and confident decisions on where to focus your IT resources. This workshop is indicated if you would like to:

  • Explore tools and techniques to evaluate and improve your DR readiness.
  • Understand current and future DR requirements.
  • We can identify new applications, legacy infrastructure, performance degradation, mergers and consolidation.
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SAP IT Staffing Company

Realize the Benefits of Crafsol services

Accelerate Time to Value. Our DR services quite expert enough to identify your business requirements and understand how new and existing technologies can help your organization meet these needs.
Pinpoint Potential Time and Cost Savings. We identified  areas for improved efficiency and also recommendations are made to help you save time and money.
Identify Next Steps. Crafsol helps you identify your status in the process and what service level you require. We collaboratively work with you to help meet your business goals within prescribed budgets.

  • Establish reasonable recovery time objectives & recovery point objectives (RPO)
  • Use advanced technologies to make DR more reasonable
  • Test DR plans and practice procedures to ensure your staffs are ready
  • Provide executive visibility to DR readiness and address regulatory compliance such as SOX or HIPPA

Our Consulting offers a flexible end-to-end approach to your DR needs, enabling Crafsol DR services to fit your budget and organizational needs.

Workshop : Understand the potential During this complimentary half-day white boarding session, Crafsol DR consultants will share DR best practices and assess your organization’s needs.In addition to providing advice and guidance around the benefits of disaster recovery services, we will also help you set attainable goals and priorities for your DR program.
Assessment : Make informed decisions Crafsol will work with you during the Business Impact Assessment to set the scope of the DR program engagement. A thorough analysis of your current “As is “state of readiness will enable us to make recommendations for your desired “To Be” state and a “Transformation Blueprint”. We’ll also perform an application recovery requirements and also review along with a financial impact and cost analysis to ensure sustainable commitment to DR improvements.
Design: Lay the past for success During this phase,Crafsol lay the groundwork for your implementation. Our
field-tested and highly experienced consultants will provide detailed designs
• DR Strategy, policies, and standards
• DR architecture
• Application recovery plans
• DR implementation plans
• Design of data replication and virtualization environments
• Test requirements
Implementation:Capture the value Disaster Recovery Program Management
• DR Portal shares critical information with stakeholders
• Master DR plans with roles and responsibilities
• Command and control processes with executive scorecards
Disaster Recovery Testing & Practice
• Master DR test plan indicating how, when and where to test
• Detailed application recovery test plans
• Test results
• Lessons learned, remediation, and continuous improvement activities

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