Application Migration Management

Crafsol provides Application migration services which include application compatibility assessment, remediation, and expert packaging using unique global, scalable, and cost effective factory approach.

Evolution of operating system

Application migration typically requires skilled engineering resources employed in time consuming and often manual processes. In a any migration scenario an entire application portfolio (possibly thousands of applications) must be identified, rationalized, and tested for compatibility with the new host operating system. Incompatible packaged applications are fixed during a remediation process then repackaged and retested to help ensure proper installation and functionality on the new operating system.

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Factory approach to application migration


Crafsol has developed an efficient, cost effective factory approach to Application Migration that begins with assessment and reporting on the compatibility of your application portfolio.

We use this same process to remediate application compatibility issues and expertly package your application portfolio which leads to shorter timelines, and this will help to reduce project risks and uncertainty when planning your budget. Our factory approach to application migration provides:

  • Cost Reduction in per application migration
  • Assured that applications will function properly with the new host operating system
  • Reduced dependency on highly specialized skill set
  • High degree of budgeting certainty
  • High volume throughput
  • World’s best class application migration management services.


Crafsol also offers readiness assessments, application compatibility reporting, and application

Management services to help your application migration and management efforts more effectively. We can deploy your new client machines in a complex IT environment or refresh your client assets over a planned time frame with our Deployment Services. Let us help streamline your application migration processes to help reduce costs and improve reliability.

Application Migration And Management

Our global, scalable, and cost effective factory approach to application migration includes application compatibility assessment, remediation, and expert packaging. We also provide workflow management tools that enable customers to proactively track applications during each step of the process.

Our programmed asset discovery technologies gather detailed information about the applications installed in your desktop environment. We merge this data and deliver a inclusive inventory report of your applications.

Crafsol analyze your application portfolio — including commercial and custom developed applications — we determine which applications require packaging. Using engine based analysis, we work with you to establish the criteria for eliminating redundant, obsolete or unsupported applications.

Crafsol perform comprehensive testing to identify compatibility issues with your current application portfolio allowing you to properly scope and budget for your migration project. Our rich experience with Microsoft® enables us to identify the applications that will require remediation and suggest a path for remediation seamlessly.

Our application packaging experts can gather the complete data on all applications in your portfolio needed for application packaging.

By applying our most excellent practices, factory model, innovative tools and disciplined approach to managing application packaging projects, we bundle all software components together into a single file in a Microsoft Installer .msi or virtualized format. Specific customizations are delivered in the .mst transform. High quality .msi or virtualized packages allow your IT department to professionally manage, deploy, install and uninstall applications and which significantly reduces portfolio management and application support costs.

Crafsol can help facilitate your User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process remotely or on site. We can assist with the resource intensive testing of your .msi or virtualized packaged applications with the help of subject matter experts from within your business.

If you are looking to put into operation application virtualization you can leverage our extensive experience in virtualization technologies from Microsoft®, Altiris®, VMWare® and Citrix®

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