Delivery Capability


  • Delivery team -Right shoring projects are complex. They need to be managed by qualified people in carefully defined roles. Four key professionals provide leadership for Crafsol’s right shore delivery.
  • Onsite Coordinators -They understand client requirements and ensure completeness of specifications before off-shoring work for execution. They liaison between the onsite and right shore teams and coordinate and review all rightshore requests.
  • Project Managers -They are a single point of contact for right shore engagement. They are accountable for project deliverables, schedule and quality. They are responsible for communication, co-ordination and resolution of issues.
  • QA Team -This team ensures compliance with QA processes and methodology. It conducts reviews (project, solution and Project Management), validates test results and certifies deliverables.
  • Consultants -develop the project as per blueprint document and carry out unit and integration tests as per the plans. They also document and transfer knowledge to onsite teams.