Artificial Intelligence Solutions

There is a common understanding that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is development of such programs that are able to perform tasks requiring human intelligence; such as visual perception speech recognition and translation between languages. To make it more adaptive for data science and programming we can say algorithms enabled by constraint’s exposed to representations that support models targeted at thinking and perception.

The artificial intelligence (AI) augured more interest when the Sci-fi in the star-wars movie got to the streets and with ‘Self-Driving’ cars and the ‘Deep Blue’ who cloud defeat the Grand-master. The idea is to demonstrate through advanced program coding the cognitive skills of machines to perform natural language translations, plan, perform tasks with more success than humans.

Some of the benefits of this technology are: safer medical procedures, increase in productivity, improving the quality of the physically challenged. The challenges are accountability, security and technological mistrust.

Artifical Intelligence Projects With Us

We have a terrific team that appreciates this. The team has more than 10 years of work experience in various AI projects. Working on the AI projects is a paradigm shift to the traditional coding and programming. In the traditional programming the input is alpha numeric and stored as per predefined manner. This stored data is sought and manipulated be the code for and expected objective. As opposed to this, in the AI environment the input data can come from sight, sound, touch, smell, or taste 2D, 3D geometry etc. The challenge with AI programs is to use the already represented data to achieve new conclusion’s and predictive actions. The next level challenge is can we make a programme that can run on an unknown architecture. We fully understand this environment and have set goals for us in the natural and evolving markets.

We have actively engaged in projects collaborations for developing AI programs and have compiled various. We append the list of the industries we have worked in, giving a broader description the specifics and restrained sue to fidelity requirements.

  • Marketing for Competition and prizes: Based on the target sales and the customer profiling we and the broader marketing strategies our programs calibrate the right price and competition point to the right customer.
  • Finance: In deciding the unauthorised use of debit and credit cards and popping it to the agents so that they and confirm it back with the customers. Designing of expert systems for granting retail loans.
  • Gaming Industry: We are very interested in developing the Non-Playing-Characters (NPL) that simulate the Human Partners.
  • Organising Tools: We very much add to the top of the deck with automatic calendar appointments, speech to text transcriptions to the calendars sharing the calendar with various devices. Kitchen menus suggestions according to the prescribed diet.
  • HR solutions: Programs that help you write explicate resume, recommend jobs, inform calibrated salaries according to experience.
  • Medical Industry: We can maintain a registry with inputs form the varied medical fraternity, making the access to the vast surgical procedures carried out and the medicines prescribed according to various medical conditions. Most importantly some of our projects included eliciting precise prescriptions of drug formulations and dosing according to the patients’ medical history and behavioural attributes.


We work with: Python, Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language (AML). LISP, Small talk, STRIPS, POP II

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